C/ Prat de la Creu 74-76, baixos. Andorra la Vella

ITINERARY 1 bis: Engolasters – Fontverd – La Plana
(tour: 2 vehicles will be necessary to do this route)

DifFicultY: II / DROP: 644 m

Short route, easy and well signposted, however a minimum of physical condition is recommended.

Parking (Circuit de les Fonts) [Access through the Engolasters Road. Parking is at the bend just before the Lake Engolasters ] Path of els Matxos  GR11 (the initial section is also known as  les Fonts circuit) /  Coll Jovell  / Path  of el Solà de Ràmio  / Fontverd Refuge/ Path of  la Muntanya -GR7 GR11 / Ràmio / Entremesaigües /  La Plana  Road [Park by preference near the abattoir].