“Madriu 8.8”

From 24 January to 12 March 2007 you can see the exhibition “Madriu 8.8” in the exhibition hall ARTALROC, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. The exhibition includes forty black and white photographs captured by photographers  Jaume Riba  and Àlex Tena.

Also there will be a series of activities related to the exhibition:

A photo contest through the mobile application Instagram: ‘Nature black and white’.

“Vermouth and art Roc” with Jaume Riba and Àlex Tena “- Sunday January 29 (12 pm)

Learn how to take pictures without a camera with Valletbó Elena – Saturday February 11 (18 am)

Discover the Making of of the photographys with Riba and Tena in the Madriu – Sunday 5 March

You can find all the information relating to these activities in: http://www.cultura.ad/artalroc-sala-d-exposicions